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I would like to share some treasured comments on my work from people whose opinion I value greatly.

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Lisa DuBois often finds herself drawn to the zone between fantasy and reality, Seeking out performances and festivities in which participants transition from the prosaic into the transcendent “fantasy moment”.
Reality and fantasy go hand in hand with her artistic creativity.

Graham Button - editor Mardi Gras Traditions

..Pradeep Maheswari > curator. 


...Lisa's  photohraphs often catch the glimpse of the emotions at play in the scene making them come alive. My favorites are her Kathak Dancer and Woman doing Chaat Pooja which were selected and exposed at the exhibition held in Nice, France in Dec-Feb 2011.

Pradeep Maheswari > curator. french / India exposition in Nice France. Product design and Development, Published author.

Diane Staver


...Lisa has the gift of capturing people as they are, not posed, but natural. People trust Lisa behind the lens and it shows in their willingness to be who they are. She captures their dignity and humanness. Lisa has be building on her years of experience and continues to grow as an artist. It will be exciting to continue to follow her development.

Diane Staver > Ai Instructor, painter    


Playthell Benjamin

 There are several things that that distinguish Lisa’s photography for me: It has a narrative feel to it i.e. tells a story; she has a deep interest in the religious ritual in various cultures – how they worship God, and she has a fine eye for beauty.  One gets the feeling that for Lisa a photograph must not only be interesting…but beautiful.Like the late great photographer of the Harlem Renaissance James Vander Zee – who created art while running a commercial studio - Lisa DuBois is always the artist. Part of this can be explained by the fact that some photographers are artist and others are technocrats.  It is a matter of both sensibility and ambition.

Playthell Benjamin > Historian of Black Culture , Radio personality, writer, Professsor of History