The Benin Bronzes

Images of the distinguished Benin Bronzes from Benin West Africa is the primary focus of the series “Benin Bronzes come to life”. I chose the Benin bronzes for their exquisite beauty and historical value. The bronze busts created by the Edo people between the thirteenth and nineteenth century decorated the royal palace of the Kingdom of Benin.

Benin* Kingdom of Ife
These priceless bronze busts represent real people whose eyes saw kingdom, slavery and civil war. Africans suffered great losses from Europeans in the name of colonialism, neocolonialism and imperialism. In 1897 the British invaded Benin and looted 200 artifacts and brass heads on display in the British museum today. This was a great cultural loss to Benin. There is a global shift in consciousness renewing interest in reparation for the systematic dehumanization of Africans throughout the slave trade.
This series brings a new awareness of ancient African art through contemporary art. According to, my DNA results show that I am 20% Nigerian and 6 to 13% Benin. Many artists like myself become inspired in new ways after learning about their African roots.
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